From a leading logistics provider

April 20, 2018
Brexit Boost for UK Logistics?

Whilst the news is dominated by Brexit negotiations, we at Johnston Logistics UK have received an increase in enquiries from overseas companies looking to establish a new UK logistics hub.

Over the last six months, we’ve received a two-fold increase in enquiries from companies as far away as India and South America, looking for a strong logistics partner to help them import goods directly into the world’s sixth largest economy.

Whether Brexit is a challenge or opportunity clearly depends on your business. Whilst many of our export clients have benefited from the pound’s fall in value, others are feeling the pinch from higher costs for imported materials. Meanwhile, it appears many foreign companies see an opportunity to supply goods direct to the UK and use it as a potentially liberated hub from which to access other countries.

As a highly established logistics provider, we’ve already helped many businesses build a solid distribution base with which to serve the UK and Europe. From our 640,000-square foot facility, we deliver warehousing and logistics for businesses throughout the UK and handle imports from as far away as Australia. We offer a complete range of services, from bulk storage to individually picking and packing customer’s orders.

Already an HMRC bonded warehouse able to handle imported goods whilst deferring tax, we’ve now become an Authorised Economic Operator. This international recognised quality mark improves the service we provide by simplifying customs procedures and ‘fast-tracking’ some shipments. Our CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures) accreditation also makes trading quicker and easier for non-EU goods.

We’ve received enquiries from overseas companies with goods as diverse as clothing, furniture, food, cosmetics and books. It’s even prompted us to create a ‘UK Hub’ page on our soon to be launched new website.

As an established and trusted logistics provider, we’re delighted to be receive so many fresh enquiries, taking on some exiting new clients and helping play our part in ensuring the UK remains the strong economy many other countries envy.