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August 3, 2021
Efficiency Gains Further Boost Service Levels for Johnston Logistics UK Customers
Efficiency Gains Further Boost Service Levels for Johnston Logistics UK Customers

Leading logistics provider Johnston Logistics UK have created efficiency improvements to streamline processes, offer even quicker service times and helping staff focus on the job in hand.

The Norfolk-based warehousing, logistics and fulfilment experts have implemented new processes including equipment checks, cleaning procedures and real-time pallet consolidation which have saved time, increased capacity and achieved 99.8% stock accuracy.

The proactive steps have increased productivity and reduced service times, which Johnston Logistics UK believe already stand out as some of the quickest in their sector.

“We’re continually looking for ways to become more efficient and minimise downtime or delays. Our ongoing analysis identified a number of individually quite minor areas which, when resolved, added up to another boost to efficiency and the service we provide our clients” says Rob McIndoe, Director of Johnston Logistics UK.

Amongst a raft of minor changes, a number of more significant procedural improvements have helped boost efficiency and improved the focus of their team.

Material handling equipment checks have been optimised to make them quicker, whilst rigorously maintaining safety and reliability. All cleaning of equipment is now carefully scheduled for times when demand on resources is at a minimum.

The implementation of greater pallet consolidation within the warehouse has led to time and space savings. Pallets are consolidated as part of the picking process, cutting resource requirements, allowing supervisors to better predict requirements and increasing space for additional stock, manoeuvring and deliveries outside their predicted slot.

Stock accuracy across the logistic experts has risen to 99.8% thanks to the identification and prevention of factors such as poorly printed labels which could lead to errors. This has led to even greater staffing efficiencies and pleased their loyal team.

“With these improvements our team now have even greater certainty that they can focus on the task in hand, without being asked to resolve an issue. Efficiency is up, our staff retention is at an all-time high and our recent team survey was very positive” adds Rob.

From their 700,000 square feet warehousing facility, Johnston Logistics UK provide warehousing, logistics and fulfilment for brands, retailers, suppliers and manufacturers in sectors including food, other fast moving consumer goods and many commercial products.

As an HMRC Bonded Warehouse they have a particularly strong reputation for handling wine and alcohol for both leading names and growing brands.

Their latest improvements are examples of the company’s goal to remain as efficient as possible and optimise services for a growing number of clients.

“Our clients and the logistics sector never stand still, so neither do we. We want to continue to improve, lead and innovate wherever possible” concludes Rob.

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