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July 19, 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Technology for Warehousing and Logistics
Everything you need to know about Technology for Warehousing and Logistics

Thanks to developing technology, warehouse operations look a lot different than they did 10-15 years ago.

The days of manual processes, written data entry and endless paperwork are thankfully behind us. Advancements in tech have helped the warehouse and logistics industry to expand and evolve and now warehouses are more technology advanced than ever before.

To discover how technological advancements for warehousing and logistics can benefit your business, keep reading.

What is Warehousing Technology?

Let’s start with the basics.

Technology in warehousing covers a myriad of innovations from automation and robotics, to Warehouse Management Systems and real-time data. As a result, warehouses today are more responsive, efficient, accurate and less labour intensive.

A Warehouse Management System is one of the major ways in which technology has helped productivity.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) consists of the software and supporting hardware used to manage stock movements. Its objective is to help goods and materials move from receipt, through storage and on to distribution; all in the most transparent and efficient manner.

A modern WMS has reduced the need for people to spend time completing paper forms or entering data from documents into spreadsheets. Scanning technologies have increased the efficiency of warehousing and logistics. Barcode scanning takes away much of the administerial effort, by allowing operatives to simply scan a pallet and enter quantities on a keypad.

Warehouse Automation is another aspect of warehousing technology. A combination of sensors, cameras, lasers and software can be used to enable forklifts to work alongside people. Globally, robotic automation has experienced strong growth over the last decade, with online retail and fast-moving consumer goods using them to streamline assembly operations. It’s only a matter of time before this is type of tech is ubiquitous for warehouse processes as well.

What Do Businesses Want?

It’s not only warehouses and logistics providers that are keen to streamline their processes, customers do too. Tech advancements play an increasingly important role in reducing supply chain costs for businesses, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers and increases the spread and predictability of their product movement.

Warehouse Management Systems are key to a successful partnership between businesses and logistics services. This technology speeds up integration with client’s systems and provides them with real-time data they need to stay firmly in the loop.

WMS’ online portals enable clients to create Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), add Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), view stock and track orders in real-time.

Businesses are looking for transparency, and with Warehouse Management Systems and advancements in technology, they are able to monitor and manage their logistics even easier than ever before.

Why is Warehouse Technology Important?

Developing smart warehouse technology helps companies navigate a myriad of challenges, including shortages in warehouse operations, occurrences of human error, managing stock levels, knowing where things are and staying on top of the demand that’s coming in.

Warehousing technology is a critical part of modern logistics and is important to creating faster production times, increased productivity and better management of inventory.

Advancement in technologies will also eventually allow warehouses to function entirely on their own with little or no human input.

How can Johnston Logistics UK Help?

Here at Johnston Logistics UK we have made a significant investment in technology with the very latest Warehouse Management System.

It’s been designed to offer a high degree of compatibility with businesses’ existing stock control and tracking systems. As well as supporting dedicated methods of secure data transfer, the cloud-based software accepts uploaded data in almost any form and easily integrates with ecommerce systems.

At Johnston Logistics UK we deliver warehousing, logistics and fulfilment for businesses including major supermarkets, leading brands and ambitious businesses. We handle a wide range of fast-moving goods and other imported and manufactured items; with a particular reputation for providing bonded warehousing for drinks and alcohol. More than half of all wine sold in Asda supermarkets passes through our operations.

For more information on Johnston Logistics UK, and our warehouse technology, visit or call 01953 888381 for more details.