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February 1, 2017
Johnston Logistics UK expands warehousing capacity for pallet storage
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At Johnston Logistics UK we’ve responded to the continued shortage of modern and fit-for-purpose warehouse space by creating an extra 6,660 new pallet storage spaces at our site at Snetterton, Norfolk.

It has been widely reported in the business media that the UK has been experiencing a short supply of warehousing space. This has been partly attributed to the increase in demand for storage from eCommerce retailers.

Rob McIndoe, Finance Director (Richard Johnston Limited), said “Our approach allows clients to flex the space they require with minimum notice.  We are happy to provide a quote for storage from a few weeks to longer term contracts.”

With wide aisles and state-of-the art handling equipment, we can retrieve clients’ inventory regardless of its size or fragility. We also hold the BRC Standard for Storage and Distribution meaning that only the best practices in handling, storing and distribution of products are used across the site.

Research undertaken by Savills and the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) in 2016 shows that there is 70% less warehouse space on the market than in 2009.

While new warehousing has been developed over the last few years, demand from internet retailers and distributors is outstripping supply as they try to provide their customers with ever increasing levels of service.

Rob commented “At Johnston Logistics UK we continue to support businesses, whether they are traders, manufacturers or retailers, by providing flexible pallet warehousing as well as the full range of 3PL services.”

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