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June 24, 2021
Johnston Logistics UK Report Record Response to Customer Survey as Satisfaction Rises
Johnston Logistics UK Report Record Response to Customer Survey as Satisfaction Rises

Despite an unprecedented year caused by the pandemic, leading logistics provider Johnston Logistics UK saw the number of clients responding to their annual customer service survey increase by over 50%.

They also report rising levels of satisfaction for areas including their delivery of their clients’ logistics requirements, flexibility and overall performance.

Jane Bull, Head of Compliance and Business Support for Johnston Logistics UK said “It’s fantastic to see such a sizeable response to our customer survey and such positive feedback from the businesses we support. Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, we’re so pleased our continuing commitment to improvement has ensured our clients felt even more thoroughly supported.”

Each year Johnston Logistics UK conduct a customer survey which asks their clients to rate various aspects of the warehousing, logistics and fulfilment they deliver. This year 26% of their clients provided feedback.

The results are used to gauge how the logistics provider is performing against agreed service standards and to plan their priorities for the 12 months ahead.

When asked about Johnston Logistics UK’s delivery of their logistics requirements, 79% of respondents said it was ‘good’ or ‘very good’; a rise of 23% on the prior survey. A further 14% said delivery was ‘excellent’.

From an already overwhelmingly positive response in 2020, businesses also reported an increase in satisfaction when asked to rate Johnston Logistics UK’s flexibility:

“We know that flexibility is the number one priority for many of our customers right now. With the uncertainty of both the pandemic and Brexit, our clients want to know their logistics are in safe hands and can flex when they need to. We’re thrilled 69% of customers think our flexibility is good, with another 23% saying it is excellent” continues Jane.

During the first coronavirus lockdown, Johnston Logistics UK reported an unprecedented 810% increase in throughput for some of their key clients in wine and alcohol. For other brands and retailers, Johnston Logistics UK stored high levels of unsold non-essential goods, many of which are now flowing faster than pre-pandemic levels.

When asked to comment on Johnston Logistics UK’s overall performance, 64% of customers said it was ‘good’ or ‘very good’. These figures were again up over 20% on 2020, with an additional 22% reporting their performance as ‘excellent’.

Johnston Logistics UK can trace their history back to 1978 and now deliver services for major supermarkets, leading brands and growing companies alike. From their 130-acre operation they provide services including warehousing, third-party logistics, contract packing, pick ‘n pack and e-commerce fulfilment.

Despite the very positive results of their latest customer survey, Jane says Johnston Logistics UK still have a wide range of improvements planned for the year ahead:

“Just like our clients, we never stand still. With the pandemic hopefully behind everyone, we’re really excited about the developments we can make and support we can deliver to help our clients make the very best of the recovery” concludes Jane.

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