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January 11, 2021
Johnston Logistics UK Welcomes Trade Deal with EU After Unique Christmas
Johnston Logistics UK-Welcomes-Brexit-Deal

Leading warehousing and logistics providers Johnston Logistics UK have welcomed the signing of the trade deal between the UK and EU during an unprecedented festive period.

The Brexit deal was announced on Christmas Eve before being confirmed by both sides and brought into effect from the 1st January 2021. Early signs are that it has avoided many of the potential issues which may have arisen if a deal could not be struck.

Rob McIndoe, Finance Director of Johnston Logistics, says “The deal adds long-awaited certainty to the movement of goods between the UK and EU. However, there are still changes which need to be respected. Fortunately, we’ve been working with our clients for months to help make these second nature.”

The deal means no new tariffs will apply to goods traded between the UK and EU. This allows products to pass between the two sovereign states without additional costs which may have been carried by businesses or passed on to consumers.

However, there are changes to customs checks, processes and paperwork which Johnston Logistics UK is experienced with as they handle goods imported from countries around the globe.

The deal comes during a challenging period with the seasonal Christmas peak corresponding with coronavirus restrictions and a new year lockdown which have forced many retailers to shut.

Rob adds “As we can say of almost any point in the recent times, it’s been another unprecedented period. Warehousing has been in high demand both to hedge against Brexit and satisfy Christmas, but the pandemic has made things even more unpredictable. However, my colleagues have truly pulled out every stop to make it as smooth as possible for our clients. It’s been a real team effort!”

As the four UK nations are now in a stricter lockdown, there is continued demand for essential goods such as food and drink. In the lockdown of spring 2020, Johnston Logistics UK saw an 800% increase in throughput of alcohol for some clients.

In addition, non-essential products are seeing rising demand through online sales and Johnston Logistics UK is experiencing a further rise in demand for the ecommerce fulfilment they deliver.

Rob concludes “As ever, it’s difficult to predict the coming months but we are preparing in a number of ways. As before, there is likely to be a swift up turn in consumer activity, particularly if vaccination offers a long-term resolution to the restrictions. We’re working with businesses to plan ahead and keep their supply chains strong to take advantage of every opportunity.”

From their 700,000 square-feet operation, Johnston Logistics UK deliver warehousing, logistics and fulfilment services for businesses throughout the UK, including major retailers, leading brands and manufacturers. They have a particular reputation as a leading provider of bonded logistics for alcohol with half of all Asda supermarket’s wine moving through their site in Snetterton, Norfolk.

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