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March 27, 2017
New business win for local logistics company.

Johnston Logistics UK is delighted to announce the partnership with our newest customer, Vincarta.

Vincarta was started in December 2015 by Matthew Stibbe and Mirela Mart as a blog, taking wine lovers on a journey of discovery as they completed their WSET diplomas.  Together, they work to inform, educate, enlighten and excite their readers about high quality wines to help them understand what they like and why they like it.

In order to expand their offering, Vincarta have decided to begin selling a personally curated range of high quality wines from the small wineries they have visited, offering an alternative to supermarkets and wine merchants.  The boutique online store aims to focus on a limited selection of high quality wines from top producers who have limited or no distribution in the UK, using their blog to take their customers on a journey for each wine.  Vincarta’s hope is to increase the knowledge of their customers through the combined use of their shop and blog to enjoy, impress friends and buy gifts with confidence.

“Vincarta is about the joy of wine. Specifically, it’s about our adventures in wine as we study for our WSET Diploma and explore vineyards and wines from around the world.  We look forward to our new discoveries as we grow and can’t wait to see our dream come to life with the help of our fulfilment partner Johnston Logistics UK” – Matthew Stibbe and Mirela Mart, Vincarta Ltd.

As the eCommerce expansion was a new aspect for Mirela and Matthew, Johnston Logistics UK were able to work with Vincarta to produce a bespoke logistical solution to meet their new business model.  JLUK have set up a dedicated picking and packing area with a devoted member of the warehouse team fulfilling their customer orders, meaning that additional care and attention can be applied to the high quality wines.  JLUK’s warehouse flexibility will allow Vincarta to grow their business with certainty that we will be able to scale with them.

One of the benefits of the eCommerce fulfilment that JLUK offers is the ability to seamlessly integrate with our customer’s web shop.  With an in-house development team, JLUK create bespoke code to link our warehouse management system with our customers.  Ryan Wolton, Developer added “I worked very closely with Vincarta in the lead up to their web shop launch, together we were able to create a solution that worked from the very first order.”

“At Johnston Logistics UK we are experts in pick and pack and eCommerce fulfilment, Vincarta is a perfect example of how we are able to apply our knowledge and resources to support a new business as they establish themselves.  We are looking forward to seeing their business grow and us expanding with them” – Rob McIndoe, Finance Director at Johnston Logistics UK.

Johnston Logistics UK is a family business and therefore we care about our customers.  We look forward to the ongoing growth of Vincarta, if you would like to try the range of exceptional wines or learn about the vineyards and varietals, visit

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