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Medicines & cosmetics demand precision & care. That’s where we come in

Pharmaceuticals, Handled with Care

We provide:
  • Full logistics from raw materials through to finished products
  • Collating & production line delivery of ingredients
  • Storage & distribution of goods to wholesalers & retailers
  • Full MRP/EDI system integration with latest software
  • HMRC Customs Warehousing of imported components

More than most, pharmaceuticals, medicines and cosmetics demand exceptional supply chain management and logistics. We specialise in delivering the quality assurances manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers need.

We can supply end-to-end logistics for everything from one-off batches to continual just-in-time production. We can import materials, store and collate supplies, distribute ingredients and transport finished goods. We can provide full contract packing and individual order fulfilment.

Our AA-grade BRC Global Standard ensures every pallet, box or component is handled with care. As a HMRC Customs Warehouse, we can also hold imported goods and defer duty costs.

Our Authorised Economic Operator status provides simplified logistics with other quality supply-chain organisations. Our location is ideal for importing and distributing finished goods across the UK and World.

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