We help our clients optimise sales, productivity and profit – by delivering outstanding warehousing, logistics and fulfilment

Our experience

Tracing our history back to 1978, we’ve become a widely recognised and respected name in UK logistics.

We’re trusted by major retailers, big brands and growing businesses to deliver their warehousing, logistics and fulfilment.

We’re a Primary Consolidation Centre for ASDA. 

Our dependability

Logistics are a critical function for so many businesses.

Our continual investment in people and technology ensures we deliver highly dependable and flexible services.

Our experience means we can often help businesses gain quick access to existing relationships and established supply chains.

Location as a UK hub

More now than ever, international companies are looking to create a UK hub with an experienced logistics provider. We help our clients import goods and distribute them across the UK to wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

As a HMRC Customs & Bonded Warehouse, we receive and store UK imports while deferring the payment of import duty and VAT.

Our CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures) accreditation allows faster movement of goods from port to warehouse.

As an Authorised Economic Operator, we can provide quicker, and simplified logistics with other supply-chain organisations. Our BRC Global Standard for Storage & Distribution ensures every item is handled with care.

We’re located close to the UK’s largest container port, the country’s major freight airports, the Midlands and South East.

private rail siding

Our site even boasts a private rail siding which runs off the Norwich-Cambridge mainline at Eccles Road. This can be used to create dedicated access to the nearby eastern UK ports and the entire UK rail network.


Easy integration & real-time reporting 

Technology is at the forefront of modern logistics. That’s why we’ve made it such a priority.

We’ve invested in the latest cloud-based Warehouse Management systems (WMS) to provide our clients with simple integration and real-time reporting.


  • Online portal for real-time information on stock and orders
  • Quickly create SKUs, add Advance Shipping Notices and upload orders
  • Easy integration with all ecommerce, ERP and carrier software – via API, EDI, AS2 or CSV upload
  • Scheduled reporting straight to your inbox
  • High security, availability and redundancy on all systems
  • Our skilled in-house technical support team
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Bonded warehousing expertise

Perhaps our strongest reputation is as a provider of bonded warehousing and logistics for wine, beer, spirits and alcohol.

As a Primary Consolidation Centre for ASDA, over 50% of the wine sold in their supermarkets passes through our site.

We support a wide range of importers, distillers, brewers, brands and retailers to help satisfy the UK’s thirst for wine and alcohol.


We deliver a full range of flexible warehousing and logistics – from warehousing and distribution to contract packing and eCommerce fulfilment

Pallet Warehousing

Modern and efficient warehousing for palletised goods

Customs Warehousing

Import and export logistics located close to the UK’s major eastern ports

3rd & 4th Party Logistics

Complete logistics with seamless integration into your business

Ecommerce Fulfilment

Cost-effective pick & pack order fulfilment with end-to-end service

Contract Packing

Goods received, sorted, packed and despatched

Trusted By

From major brands to growing businesses – we’re counted on to deliver fast, efficient and dependable logistics