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October 4, 2019
Breckland Freighter Children’s Charity Train Passes Johnston Logistics UK

On 14th September, the ‘Breckland Freighter’ children’s charity train passed through the Johnston Logistics UK rail tracks on its journey from Nottingham to Norwich.

Starting bright and early on Saturday morning, passengers were taken on a scenic route through the picturesque British countryside, passing impressive sites such as the Ely Cathedral. After a lunchtime leg-stretch in Norwich, passenger regrouped on the train and headed back to Nottingham. The charming route was accompanied by an on-board buffet cart, real ale bar and a fun charity raffle.

The Railway Children charity offers protection and opportunity to children forced to leave home due to violence, poverty or abuse; many of whom end up living on the streets. As a thank you for allowing the train to use our rail head, they donated £2,000 to the charity in Johnston Logistics’ name.