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July 8, 2020
Johnston Logistics UK Help Asda Customers Wipe Away Virus During Lockdown
Johnston-Logistics Dynamic Wipes

Johnston Logistics UK have seen a 286% increase since March in the throughput of anti-bacterial and other cleaning wipes they handle for Asda supermarkets.

Manufactured in Israel by Dynamic Wipes, Johnston Logistics UK have worked closely with both supplier and retailer to move unprecedent quantities of household disposable wipes from Felixstowe port through their operations to Asda stores.

“Following the national campaign for better hand and general hygiene, we saw an instant uplift in the number of household wipes we handle for Dynamic Wipes and Asda” says Rob McIndoe, Director of Johnston Logistics UK. “The UK’s cleanly habits appear to be here to stay as the volume of wipes remains high”

Johnston Logistics UK are a key supplier to Asda supermarkets and, alongside a range of other household products including laundry detergents, their Norfolk-based operations also process over 50% of the wine sold in Asda’s UK stores.

Dynamic Wipe Industries (UK) Ltd import millions of disposable wipes each month to the UK from their factory in Israel. Their range includes products for household cleaning, as well as personal hygiene and baby wipes. They came to Johnston Logistics UK in 2017 to benefit from improved logistics and their close links with Asda and other retailers.

Since then, the volume of wipes has steadily grown but demand began to outstrip supply as soon as the impact of coronavirus was felt in the UK. Though relatively little is known for certain about the COVID-19 coronavirus, it is believed it can remain active on surfaces for up to 72 hours, sparking a nationwide increase in demand for anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning products.

Rob McIndoe adds “These have been extraordinary times with extraordinary challenges for our clients in food, drink and essential household goods. This was another time where our close relationship with both supplier and retailer has helped keep their customers well stocked throughout.”

With the wipes arriving by sea at Felixstowe Port, an average of five containers every day have been quickly transferred to Johnston Logistics UK’s East Anglia-based operations where they are decanted and distributed to Asda supermarkets across the UK.

From their 640,000-square foot facility in Snetterton, Johnston Logistics UK deliver warehousing, logistics and fulfilment services for businesses throughout the UK. They offer a complete range of services, from palletised warehousing to individually picking and packing customer orders. As a HMRC authorised Bonded and Customs Warehouse, they also handle alcohol and imported goods from as far away as Australia.

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