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February 12, 2018
Logistics Experts Launch Initiative to Help Businesses Switch
happy businessman with clipboard at warehouse

East Anglia-based warehousing and fulfilment providers Johnston Logistics have launched a new initiative to help businesses outsource their logistics with peace-of-mind.


The HMRC bonded warehousing and third-party logistics specialists have identified business’s anxiety over moving or outsourcing their logistics as a common barrier effecting growth.


“Many businesses get caught up managing the movement and storage of their materials and products as they expand” says Rob McIndoe, Managing Director of Johnston Logistics. “They outgrow their facilities and it becomes too much of a distraction. That’s where we come in.”


Johnston Logistics have launched an initiative entitled Easy Switch to help more businesses realise how simple in can be to outsource their logistics. At its heart is a major investment in software, as well as new processes, to quickly and effortlessly integrate with new customer’s existing systems.

“As well as those struggling in-house, some businesses are already using a third party but aren’t receiving the service they deserve” continues Rob. “By making the process of changing quick, simple and hassle-free, we can ensure their own customers always get the right goods, at the right time”


From their 640,000-square foot facility in Snetterton, Johnston Logistics deliver warehousing, logistics and fulfilment services for businesses throughout the UK and handle imports for companies as far away as Australia. They offer a complete range of services from bulk storage to individually picking and packing customer orders.


The first of its kind in the region, the Easy Switch initiative is also targeting the increasing number of businesses reliant on ecommerce. “Regardless of the product, most things can now be bought online with a few clicks.” concludes Rob. “We want to show businesses just how we can quickly fulfil such orders, giving them the peace of mind to focus on what they do best.”


Already HMRC certified to handle alcohol and imported goods before tax is due, Johnston Logistics are also seeking certification as an Authorise Economic Operator. This internationally recognised quality mark will further accelerate the service they deliver businesses by demonstrating Johnston Logistics services are secure, efficient and compliant when trading with similarly certified operators throughout the UK and overseas.


More details of Johnston Logistics and Easy Switch can be found at or by calling 01953 888381.