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May 8, 2017
Snetterton’s Strategic Location
Johnston Logistics UK Site

Local company, Johnston Logistics UK, gives an insight to why Snetterton has become the ideal logistics hub in the Eastern region.

Since the completion of the A11 dualling, business at Snetterton has increased dramatically not only at JLUK but also other businesses such as FedEx, Kettle Foods and DPD who have cemented their logistics out of Snetterton.  Indeed, today the A11 enables the growth of technology businesses along its length with projects such as the A11 Tech Corridor providing opportunities for high quality employment throughout the area.

The map below illustrates typical trip times between various strategic business locations and shows how quickly and easily that can be accessed from Snetterton.

Johnston logistics mileage graphic

The mileage totals from Johnston Logistics UK

Just In Time Solution.

By virtue of the newly dualled A11, our ability to make these key journeys in a timely manner enables us to implement just in time (JIT) supply chain solutions.  In the processing and manufacturing industries it is critical that such solutions are in place, allowing production sites to be used as intended without additional ingredients, components, packaging materials and finished products using up required space at the facilities.

For over two years we have implemented a JIT supply chain solution for one of Norwich’s largest industrial manufacturers.  From our strategic site in Snetterton, Johnston Logistics UK supplies the main Norwich factory with all the components required for each day of production. Simultaneously, we also collect the finished goods to store in bulk – allowing our customer to optimise their production runs without the worry that there will be no space to store the goods securely.

It is our mantra that as a family built business we are able to offer our customers a professional service with a personal touch. We offer a completely flexible solution that is tailored to every customer.  If you have a business that would benefit from additional production space with an accountable supply chain partner then give us a call on 01953 888381, email us at or fill out our online contact form.