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February 9, 2018
Our Investment Makes Managing Your Logistics a Snap
worker and businessmen with clipboard at warehouse

Like all industries, logistics continually benefits from new technology which allows us to deliver an even quicker, slicker and more effective service. As a modern business, we at Johnston Logistics UK like to remain at the forefront of such developments.

With that in mind, we’ve made a major investment in new hardware and software which will make it even easier to integrate with our clients and ensure the on-time tracking, movement and delivery of their goods. At its heart is Snapfulfil.

Snapfulfil is best-of-breed software aimed at increasing warehouse efficiency and transparency. British designed and developed, its making waves in the logistics industry and being adopted by household names like Vax, The Cotswold Company and SSE Energy.

Snapfulfil will be rolled out in March to further improve our already excellent rates of accuracy and timeliness for the whole range of products we store, manage and dispatch for our customers. In this modern age, few things are more important to our clients than knowing their materials, goods and customer orders are always in the right place, at the right time.

To help integrate Snapfulfil, and optimise the benefits our clients experience, we’ve also welcomed Marcel Larose to the Johnston logistics UK team. Marcel is a highly experienced and accomplished IT specialist; whose role is to make our systems work at peak performance and integrate smoothly with our customers. He is also driving innovation, including delivering an exclusive extranet where our customers can view their own logistics in real-time.

As part of our ambitious growth plans, we’ve also created an initiative entitled Easy Switch to help businesses realise the ease with which they can put hard-to-manage or poorly-delivered logistics behind them. Whether you’re struggling in-house or disappointed by an existing warehousing and fulfilment provider, we can quickly take the hassle away and restore peace-of-mind.

Our ambition is to lead logistics in the East from the front, by making warehousing, storage and order-fulfilment something which never restricts the growth of the businesses we work with. Snapfulfil and Easy Switch are simply the latest examples of how we’re making that goal a reality.

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