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November 12, 2018
Johnston Logistics Preparing Clients for Bumper Black Friday & Christmas
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Though Christmas and Black Friday are just weeks away, here at Johnston Logistics UK we’ve been working closely with many customers for months to ensure their logistics help them take full advantage.

Throughout 2018 we’ve been supporting clients – existing and new – to ensure each element of their warehousing, logistics or fulfilment helps them approach the festive period with confidence.

We’ve extensive experience helping manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to produce, store and distribute their goods for Christmas. With the introduction of Black Friday, there is now a second peak in demand. In 2017, UK online sales alone reached £1.4 billion for Black Friday, up 11.7% from 2016. It’s anticipated 2018 may see an even greater rise.

We’ve been preparing for Black Friday and Christmas for months, ensuring we have the best people, processes and plans in place to deliver the smooth and dependable logistics our clients expect.

If it’s an exceptionally busy time for your business, it’s a good idea to check now that your storage and logistics can cope. Black Friday and Christmas come just once a year, so it’s vital everything goes effortlessly and you can take full advantage of any peak in sales.

If like many of our other clients, Christmas is actually a quiet time, it’s an equally good opportunity to ensure you’ve got the right support for your storage and logistics in readiness for a busy summer or new financial year.

At Johnston Logistics UK, we offer a full range of logistics services from warehousing and transportation to contract packing and eCommerce fulfilment. Our Easy Switch initiative means we can quickly and smoothly integrate with your existing systems and even help you improve them. Enquire now and we could begin providing your logistics in just a matter of days, ready to deliver the festive boost your business needs.

For more information on how we can deliver better warehousing and logistics for your business this Black Friday and Christmas, call us on 01953 888381 or visit